The Pillars of Our Hiring Solution

Improved Time-To-Fill

Increase productivity by filling faster

Online Talent

Advertise and browse “de-individualized” talent profiles

Price Tools

Always know the market rate for exceptional talent

360° Ratings

Comprehensive ratings help you decide who to work with

Why Enterprises Choose

Make smarter, faster hiring decisions from a network of pre-screened staffing and recruiting firms.

Own the Recruitment Process

Direct access to talent means employers engage with firms that represent the professionals best suited for their job openings.

More Talent, One Touch Point

No more reaching out to a number of firms every time a vacancy opens up; in a single search, we rank premium talent according to the parameters you provide.

Smarter Pricing

Understand the market value of specific skillsets and only consider candidates that are within your price range.

"Our cloud-based application provides on-demand access to exceptional employment firm talent in a centralized location."

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Why Staffing and Recruiting Firms Choose rankedHiRe

Our cloud-based solution allows firms to easily and safely advertise talent to their existing clients.

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Our talent management tool helps recruiters place candidates into enterprises faster than ever before.

Lower Sales and Marketing Costs

Our white-label application allows firms to market talent to corporate recruiters in real-time.

Monetize Your Database

Increasing client engagement through technology results in more placements and revenue.

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