rankedHiRe’s mission is to make sourcing and hiring top talent
as quick and painless as possible.

Why rankedHiRe?

Businesses are in constant need of talented employees with specific skill sets. With so many enterprises vying for the same candidates, filling an open position is often time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive to an office. Staffing and recruiting firms exist to help fill vacancies quickly and successfully, but high fees and an aggressive sales approach have forced corporate recruiters to look for easier methods.

rankedHiRe bridges the gap between employment firms and companies that use their services. With state-of-the-art procurement software, rankedHiRe has made it easier for firms to market their talent and for businesses to interact with candidates, reducing the friction between the two parties.

With rankedHiRe, talent is de-individualized and then ranked based on a businesses’ specific job requisition. A hiring manager can then sort through talent from firms in their network, rapidly honing in on the candidates best suited for their job vacancy.

For those businesses that utilize freelance talent, rankedHiRe also allows hiring managers to seamlessly engage with their trusted network of independent contractors.

Getting Started With rankedHiRe

rankedHiRe’s software is currently available for use by enterprises and staffing and recruiting firms. Find a time for us to walk you through a brief demo here.

The Company

rankedHiRe was founded in 2014 by Douglas Britton, Abdul Miah, and Matthew Rotella. We are headquartered in Los Angeles.