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VMS Lite

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VMS Lite

rankedHiRe’s VMS Lite is a smarter way to manage your vendor relationships. Search, rank, and engage with talent represented by your preferred staffing and recruiting firms, or simply post a job spec for those firms to submit applicants to. With VMS Lite, candidates are encrypted so that you can browse and inquire about those you’re most interested in.

rankedHiRe’s VMS Lite improves the recruiting process in several ways:

Current Model
  • Vendor relationships are managed by phone or email
  • Job spec is manually sent to each firm you work with
  • You’re locked into future placement fees on every resume you receive
  • Candidate ownership conflicts put you in the middle of clashes between firms
  • You spend days sorting through countless resumes to compare candidates
  • Each additional vendor partnership requires critical time and resources
rankedHiRe’s VMS Lite
  • All vendor relationships are managed in one place
  • Post a job spec once to be shared with all of your vendors
  • Resumes are encrypted so you can view talent before committing to fees
  • Candidate ownership issues are addressed before they waste your time and money
  • You search, rank, and inquire about candidates in minutes
  • Seamlessly onboard new firms in no time

Your VMS Lite database is populated with talent profiles from the vendors you work with​