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White Label Our Solution

Our online talent marketing and loyalty platform greatly increases customer retention and lifetime value, while decreasing time-to-fill for staffing and recruiting firms. Our cloud-based technology allows you to market de-individualized talent profiles to your network of clients. Businesses can drill down to candidates with the experience and skills they need, unlock their resumes, and begin the interview process in minutes. With rankedHiRe’s White Label Solution, you can deploy customer loyalty programs and grant exclusive access to candidates. Customer engagement insights gathered through the application are shared with your recruiters, allowing you to improve your service offering.

How Employment Firms are Using the White Label

Implement Loyalty Programs

Reward your best clients with incentives and promotions designed to increase engagement with your firm

Lower Barriers to Entry

Showcase your sophisticated recruiting tools and robust talent database to new clients

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Remove the burden of endless cold calls and emails, and free recruiters to focus on developing relationships with talent

Monetize Harder to Place Talent

Protect brand image while marketing a previously dormant segment of your database

Differentiate with Technology

Offer clients state-of-the-art procurement software that sets you apart from your competition